Question & Answers

Businesses looking to grow their brand and reach customers in new ways should partner with us. We offer the highest quality equipment at affordable prices, as well as a suite of services that will help you scale your business fast – all while maintaining its legacy value!

Most clients will receive the machine within 7 business days. 

Yes. The setup and first 30 days are included. We have an entire team of experts at your disposal! Our CRM software will automate all aspects and manage customer relationships while also providing detailed reports on how best spend advertising dollars or time efficiently across channels such as email, text message–you name it. You’re set up with this service and should you choose to continue after your first 30 days, then you’re good to go!

The short answer; Absolutely NOT.

The FDA has no jurisdiction over what machines are or aren’t used in private clinics and medspas. This is mainly brought up in the industry because of the sales pitch that some competitors have put out, trying to get people on board with their higher priced offers by claiming that being FDA approved is somehow medically necessary for treatments. (which actually isn’t). 

We submitted our HBS machine for FDA approval and we should have clearance at some point in 2022. To be clear; the HBS, and CryoLyft pro do NOT need to get an official stamp of approval from the FDA but why not go above and beyond to show our passion and dedication to our clients! 

Yes. All machines come with a 3 year manufacture warranty. 

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