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The idea of shaping, slimming and toning the body is not new, but now being able to do so with a non-invasive bod sculpting machine you can trust is here! Health Fit Systems has released its newest products – the HBS and Cryolyft pro – non-invasive body shaping, toning and slimming machines! With prices for these devices being affordable and high quality construction material used in their manufacturing process; Health Fit Systems leads the industry with superior products that will change people’s lives forever by giving them confidence they never thought possible before.

A bold voice would say: “Who says YOU can’t have BOTH worlds?” while others may argue against this statement because it sounds too good…but we’re here tell ya–you CAN

Health Fit Systems brings you the best non-invasive body shaping, toning, and slimming machines that focus on removing body fat while protecting lean muscle mass. The body shaping machines at HFS are the most advanced in their industry and can be used by anyone from home spas to medical professionals. Med spa owners choose these units because they provide affordable prices without sacrificing quality or results!


Learn how to use your body contouring machine through our online training course! We are also one phone call away for any questions you might have.


Our business consulting services focus on addressing clients' key business needs, optimizing their business processes and helping them scale with ease.


Digital and social media assets only work if you have the right messaging. Work 1 on 1 with a dedicated marketing specialist to help you dial in the perfect strategy.


Store all of your contacts and their information with a customizable, easy-to-use CRM. Assign tasks, view reports, organize, automate emails or texts and so much more.

Health Fit Systems | Body Shaping, Toning & Slimming Machines

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Your business is a unique and special thing. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect machine for your needs! We have experts on staff with years of experience here to help walk you through a complete overview of the machine, potential revenue, usability and timeframe for you to start seeing ROI. 

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We understand that you may need assistance in choosing which finance option is best for your needs, so we’ve made it easy by providing all our customers with a wide variety of options.

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Why choose us!

Everyone wants to look their best, but the cost of laser liposuction or other invasive procedures can be extremely expensive.

Our body shaping machines provide an affordable alternative for getting rid of stubborn fat without surgery. It provides the most efficient toning, shaping and firming with the highest return for your investment.

Health Fit Systems is a team of 6 individuals with distinct superpowers. Marketing and Sales, Fulfillment Financing Biz Consulting Customer Service – combining our skills into one complete system that finally gives business owners the tools they need to succeed in their own right!

With our technology your clients can get the same results as liposuction without ever having to go under the knife! Whether they’re looking to lose weight, tone up their abs, thighs or hips; we’ve got something that will work perfectly for their needs!

Health Fit Systems

It’s no secret that we live in a world where success is all about who you know. It can be tough for some people to make waves without the right connections and this shortage has left many entrepreneurs at sea, unsure of what path will lead them towards making an impact on their industry or niche market with new ideas- until now! Health Fit Systems could not only change how business owners view themselves as providers but also give them everything they need: marketing expertise from our biz consulting arm combined seamlessly into customer service skills through fulfillment partner; finance knowledge provided by financing team while still being able to tap into other teams’ superpowers if needed.

The possibilities are endless with us! Contact one of our friendly specialists today! 

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Top Rated Aesthetic Equipment Affordable For Every Beauty Professional

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Experience quality customer care when you shop with The Spa Butler. Our professional aesthetic machines are affordable for every skincare and body treatment professional. We are always adding the most recent technology to our line of equipment and products. Please review some of our best selling equipment from cryotherapy machines, body slimming machines, body sculpting machines, hair loss removal systems, skin tightening facial machines, and cellulite reduction machines.

Spa Business Success Stories

See Immediate Return on Investment With The Spa Butler
lux wellness owner

Paradise In Portland

Over $30k Profit in 30 Days With The HIEMT Body Shape

Lux Skin Therapy & Wellness owner, Neal Almasri – in Portland Oregon, shares his testimonial on how he made $30k in 30 days with The Spa Butler.

cryospa mind and wellness 1

Capitalizing With Cryo

New Revenue Model Boosts Customer Retention

CryoSpa Iowa owner, Bridget Sandquist – shares her experience with The Spa Butler after her body sculpting machine purchase.


Unlike any med-aesthetic technology provider in the market, Health Fit Systems provides the most value back to your business. Our 10+ years of experience in the field of medical and aesthetic machines places us in a unique position of understanding what really attracts new clients to your business and what actually helps your businesses. We strive to be an integral part of the ongoing process our clients have in building a real brand that will stand up and last no matter the shifts in the economy or other issues our clients may face. 

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Meet the team

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lorm ispm

Prof. Emeritus,Ceo

Technology: .NET, Azure, C#, CSS, Elastic, GIS, HTML, Javascript, ServiceStack, SQL Server

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lorm ispm

Principal Architect,

Technology: .NET, Azure, C#, CSS, Elastic, GIS, HTML, Javascript, ServiceStack, SQL Server

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Regional Director,

Technology: .NET, Azure, C#, CSS, Elastic, GIS, HTML, Javascript, ServiceStack, SQL Server

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